Weight Loss Tips For Women – Get Skinny FAST!

weight loss tips for womenWhat are the best weight loss tips for women?

Well, trying to find these nuggets of truth can be harder than finding a needle in a million haystacks.

There is simply too much contradicting information out there. The options are endless. And endless options lead to over analysis – not good.

You need to take action, massive action, if you want to lose weight.

And let’s face it, every day that you are overweight is another day that your health deteriorates and you don’t feel sexy.

So let me show you how to get thinner with the best weight loss tips for women!

Tip #1: Lower Estrogen, It’s Your Nemesis

The female body is made to have higher levels of body fat to make child birth and survival more effective.

What hormone makes this possible?


So if you really want to lose weight and get in shape, you have to get your estrogen under control. Here’s the kicker: as you get heavier your body secretes more estrogen. And as you secrete more estrogen you get heavier.

Talk about a vicious cycle…

Ok, so how do you lower estrogen safely and naturally?

By increasing testosterone. Yes, your body does have testosterone – it’s not exclusive to males.

And the good news here is that increasing testosterone automatically lowers estrogen. They are opposing hormones.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Heavy weight lifting for your entire body
  • Eat at least 1/3 of your calories from fat

Tip #2: Lift Weights, A Lot

Actually, you don’t have to lift weights that much because a single hour of intense weight lifting will force your body to burn extra calories for multiple days thereafter.

So all you need is 2-3 weight lifting workouts per week.

And the harder you push yourself, the longer your post workout caloric burn will last.

In fact, it is possible to get by with just two workouts per week (2 hours total of exercise) if you push yourself really hard…

Tip #3: Don’t Worry About Turning Into (S)He-man

Lifting weights will not turn you into the incredible hulk. It will actually make you a lot thinner as long as you watch your caloric intake.

And this is critical.

You see, because weight lifting burns so many calories it makes you get really hungry. So you really have to focus on eating nutrient dense, low calorie food.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to out eat the amount of weight lifting you do no matter how intense your sessions are.

And remember that building a little lean muscle tissue (low volume) allows you to burn a massive amount of body fat (high volume).

So for the biggest weight loss possible, lift weights.

Tip #4: Avoid High Intensity Cardio All The Time

Yes, this runs counter to one of the most common weight loss tips for women. Because most “experts” recommend doing high intensity (HIT) cardio in intervals.

The main benefit here is more calories burned. But you always have to read the fine print…

Just like weight lifting, high intensity cardio can break down muscle fibers – but it’s not as effective at burning all those extra calories.

Now the problem here is that the female body can handle a limited amount of high intensity exercise, whether weight lifting or cardio, at any given time.

If you do too much high intensity cardio (moderate caloric burn) you can interfere with your results from weightlifting (biggest caloric burn).

And never forget that weight lifting is the only exercise modality that will have you burning extra calories long after you leave the gym.

Tip #5: Do A Wide Variety Of Cardio Intensities

Now this doesn’t mean you should stop doing cardio altogether. If you have enough free time to do more than a couple weight lifting workouts per week, cardio can help you lose weight faster.

The key here is to do a wide variety of intensities according to how you feel. If you are really sore do low intensity cardio. If you feel fresh do high intensity cardio.

Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Tip #6: Never Train On A Hungry Stomach

This used to be one of the most common weight loss tips for women. People used to believe (some still do) that exercising on an empty stomach would lead to greater weight loss.

But this isn’t the case. Too many experts overlooked a very simple issue here.

You see, exercising on empty burns a higher percentage of fat calories, but not a higher total amount of fat calories.

Having some fuel in your system will allow you to exercise much harder which in turn will burn a massive amount of calories. More so than the small percentage increase you get by starving yourself before training.

In other words, a high percentage of a small amount will not be greater than a slightly smaller percentage of a much larger amount.

Even worse, chronically exercising on an empty stomach will burn through your precious lean muscle tissue. Over time, this will make your metabolic rate drop (i.e., the baseline amount of calories you burn 24/7).

Tip #7: Most Supplements Are Evil

The majority of supplements on the market are a complete waste of money. If you expect to lose weight by taking some pills and eating grape fruit all day you are going to end up sorely disappointed.

Because even if you did lose weight with this approach, it would all come back with a vengeance.

And here’s the worst part: a lot of supplements trick you into thinking you’ve lost weight by making your body shed water.

But once the diuretic effect wears off, it will all come back!

Tip #8: A Select Few Supplements Are Not Evil

Although it is possible to lose weight without supplements, they can make the journey a little easier.

Now by far, the most effective supplement you can take is caffeine and it’s variants.  Not only will it effectively blunt your hunger, but it will also help you focus when you restrict calories.

Even better, it can help you maintain productivity if you decide to cycle your carbohydrates for faster weight loss.

Recall that your brain needs a steady supply of digested carbohydrates in order to function at 110%.

Here’s the good news: you do not need to buy the latest and greatest overpriced diet pill to get caffeine. You can purchase straight caffeine in tablet form – it’s really cheap.

Here’s the even better news: you don’t have to purchase supplements to increase your caffeine intake. Because although caffeine tablets are ultra convenient, you can get caffeine from natural sources like loose leaf green tea, yerba mate and/or coffee.

Tip#9: Don’t Abuse Caffeine Or Any Other Type Of Natural Stimulant

This is perhaps one of my best weight loss tips for women – you have to cycle your intake of caffeine for the best results here.

If you simply take massive doses of caffeine every day your cellular receptors will stop responding and you will become desensitized.

Here’s the kicker: your body can become desensitized to caffeine’s stimulatory effect, but not to its diuretic effect.

So if you keep on taking greater and greater amounts of caffeine in order to get that original jolt in energy, you’ll end up dehydrating yourself.

And trying to lose weight while dehydrated is pure misery.

Also, don’t think you can just drink more water here to compensate because once you reach a certain level of caffeine intake your body cannot keep up with the diuresis – no matter how much fluid you guzzle.

But it’s not all doom and gloom here. Just cycle your intake. Have caffeine on the days when you restrict calories aggressively, and have less on the days you don’t.

By cycling your intake you will avoid all the negatives.

Tip #10: Calories In Vs Calories Out Still Controls Weight Loss

Yes, hormones, the type of exercise you do, the quality of your sleep, the amount of cardio you do and many other factors influence weight loss.

BUT, calories in versus calories out ultimately dictates how much weight you can lose.

So never lose sight of the amount of food you are eating. If you aren’t getting results, you are eating too much.

Tip #11: Stop Reading These Weight Loss Tips For Women And Take ACTION

What’s the biggest mistake most women make when trying to lose weight?

Not taking enough action.

You can analyze as many programs as you want and you can purchase every supplement under the sun. But until you roll up your sleeves and get dirty, the weight will never come off.

You can gain far more knowledge by taking action and course correcting along your weight loss journey.

So stop reading and start doing!

To your weight loss success!

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