Weight Loss Supplements For Women – How To Get Skinny Fast!

weight loss supplements for womenThe majority of weight loss supplements for women do not work.

I hate to the bearer of bad news, but this is the simple truth.

You see, in 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which virtually deregulated the supplement industry.

As a result, supplements are not held to a very high standard. Even worse, dietary supplements do not have to pass any type of preliminary testing, unlike regular drugs.

In fact, pretty much anybody can bottle anything and start selling it as a supplement. And it would be the FDA’s burden to prove that said supplement was ineffective/unsafe after the fact.

So that’s all the bad news about weight loss supplements for women? What’s the good news?

The good news: there are supplements that can accelerate weight loss.

So here’s my advice on what to take.

Earlier In The Day

At this time you want to take a basic multivitamin and mineral to avoid any type of nutrient deficiency as you maintain your caloric deficit.

Just make sure your multivitamin doesn’t have more than 100% of any daily recommended value or you run the risk of toxicity. Besides, your diet should be full of vegetables anyways. Right?

Centrum and Trader Joe’s both make excellent multivitamins. I prefer the chewable versions so that I don’t have to swallow anything.

Now this is also a great time to take some caffeine if you want to curb your appetite while simultaneously increasing energy.

You can either go the natural route, the expensive route or the supplement route.

The natural route: have coffee, loose leaf green tea, loose leaf yerba mate, and/or other caffeinated teas.

The expensive route: buy the latest and greatest and most expensive supplement that uses caffeine as its active ingredient.

The supplement route: buy pure caffeine. It’s extremely cheap and really convenient. ProLab makes an excellent product called Maximum Potency Caffeine.

Of the three, I prefer the first one early in the morning and the last one right before my workout. More on this later…

The good thing about having caffeine in natural form is that you’ll also get better circulation and more anti-oxidants. All those teas and coffee have a lot of nutrients and substances that increase blood flow (a good thing).

Warning: yerba mate takes about one hour to fully kick in. So don’t overdo it here.

Before Exercise

The best thing you can do right before a workout is increase catecholamine production in your adrenal glands. Catecholamines include: noradrenalin, adrenaline, and epinephrine.

All of these will jolt you with massive energy, decrease time to fatigue and break down fatty acids.

And the best way to increase them before exercise is with caffeine. Now in this case I do prefer the supplemental form (tablets) because it’s easier to get the exact dose for maximum effect.

The key here is to get just enough caffeine for a “sufficient” jolt in energy. You’ll have to decide on what is sufficient for you.

Just keep in mind that taking too much caffeine will desensitize you to its effects and can interfere with sleep which will defeat the purpose.

Recall that your body produces fat burning hormones when you sleep.

Now as a starting point, I recommend having 50 mg of caffeine about 45 min. before your workout.

After Exercise

This is one of the few times when having liquid nutrition is superior to having solid nutrition.

You see, right after an intense workout you have to deal with the “post-workout paradox.” A situation where you need nutrients ASAP, but increased core temperature blunts hunger.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to eat a full course meal when beads of sweat are dripping off of your forehead.

So the next best thing here is a liquid meal.

The good news is that all you need for your liquid meal is dextrose and whey protein. Now Foods makes both of these at very competitive prices. Even better, Now Foods does not use preservatives or other questionable fillers.

I strongly recommend staying away from those hyped up post-workout formulations because they usually have a lot of “filler ingredients” and are loaded with artificial junk.

Save your money and stick with natural dextrose and whey protein.

Now if you want to get really fancy here you can add some alpha lipoic acid and vanadyl sulfate to your liquid meal. Both of these are insulin mimickers and will help divert nutrients away from your fat cells.

But why is it so important to have nutrients so quickly?

Because right after your workout you have increased levels of stress hormones and about 20 minutes after your glut-4 transporters start to retreat.

Glut-4 transporters are little channels that rest on top of your muscle cells. They allow glucose (aka dextrose) go in and out of your cells. And it’s really important that you get dextrose into your cells as quickly as possible to jumpstart the recovery process.

As an added bonus, a liquid meal will also bring down your levels of stress hormones.

You see, having more stress hormones before and during your workout is great. But once you’re done you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Recall that chronic stress hormone secretion causes adrenal fatigue – you’ll end up feeling tired no matter how much you rest!

Again, stay away from all the overpriced post-workout products. All you need is basic, all-natural whey protein and dextrose.

Aren’t There Any Other Effective Weight Loss Supplements For Women?

Well, it depends on the issue…

Water retention: if the caffeine supplements outlined above don’t do the trick you can consider having a natural diuretic like dandelion root.

Hunger: again, if the caffeine supplements don’t reduce your hunger then you can take an appetite suppressant like hoodia. Just keep in mind that yerba mate is a very powerful appetite suppressant and is much cheaper and healthier.

Fat loss: omega-3 fat pills. I mention these with hesitation because recent research has shown that fish has more bioactive omega-3 than pills. Also, remember that your caloric intake will ultimately control fat loss, not some fish pill. Either way, never have more than 3 grams of omega-3 fats per day.

Parting Words About Weight Loss Supplements For Women

Of all the supplements mentioned in this article, caffeine (and its variants) will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Because the bottom line is that your ability to eat less calories will ultimately control how much weight you can lose. And caffeine does an excellent job at reducing hunger.

Just remember that no supplement will do all the work for you. You are still going to have to watch what you eat and exercise on a frequent basis.

But any help is good help.

So stop reading and start taking action!

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