Weight Loss Programs For Women – Get Skinny, Toned & Sexy FAST!

weight loss programs for womenIt seems like finding the best weight loss programs for women should be a cinch, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

You see, most programs are not really engineered for the female body. And most programs don’t work either.

I mean, do you really think you can lose weight by ridding your intestines of obscure parasites or by taking some type of exotic berry???

I hope not!

So how do you navigate through all the junk if you don’t have a PhD in “weight loss for women”?

You don’t.

Instead, listen to me and apply the principles I am about to teach you. Because knowing principles is far more important than simply following a cookie-cutter weight loss program “for women” like a robot.

Knowing principles will allow you to avoid all the junk and will give you the tools to modify your own program according to your lifestyle and needs.

Principle #1: You Have To Understand The Underlying Issues

It’s very difficult to solve a problem if you don’t know what is causing the problem. So here are the main issues you have to address:

  • High levels of estrogen
  • A fear of weight lifting

These are going to be the biggest stumbling blocks.

Unfortunately, the female body is made to have higher levels of estrogen which can make weight loss extremely difficult. So your number one priority here is to bring down your levels of estrogen as much as possible.

And a great way to do this is with weight lifting.

Principle #2: Resistance Training (i.e., Weight Lifting) Is A Critical Component Of Your Weight Loss Program

Off all the different types of exercise modalities, weight lifting will bring down your levels of estrogen the most and it will also burn a massive amount of calories.

But how does this work?

Well, weight lifting causes healthy damage in your muscle fibers and in response, your body secretes a large amount of testosterone. And testosterone drives down levels of estrogen.

They counterbalance each other.

But here is where things get really interesting: a single session of intense total body weight lifting can make you burn extra calories for days on end.

And never forget that calories in versus calories out has the final say in terms of how much weight you can lose.

Principle #3: The Best Weight Loss Program For Women Will Take Advantage of DOMs and EPOC

Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMs) is the result of that healthy muscle fiber breakdown I mentioned above. Now this breakdown is extremely beneficial because your body has to burn a massive amount of calories to reverse it.

And if you use a fast and intense pace in your workouts you can also take advantage of exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) – a situation where your body has to burn even more calories after your workout to counterbalance the oxygen debt.

How do you create the largest oxygen debt possible? Train with all your might in every single workout. And stay away from body building routines where you only target one muscle per day.

You need to target a lot of muscle mass in circuit fashion to take full advantage of DOMs and EPOC.

Unfortunately, many women do not include this type of weight lifting in their weight loss program and end up getting mediocre results.

Principle #4: The Female Body Does Not Have Enough Testosterone To Build Man-like Muscle

Doing a lot of weight lifting will not turn you into the next Incredible Hulk. In fact, you will actually get smaller and more feminine.

Recall that lean muscle tissue burns a lot of calories. And you need to burn calories if you want to lose weight and fat.

Fat occupies more space than muscle.

And wouldn’t you rather gain a little muscle (takes up little space) to burn a lot of fat (takes up a lot of space)?

Because of this counterintuitive paradox (i.e., building muscle makes you smaller), many women fail to get toned and slim bodies.

If you fear lifting weights it will be very difficult for you to get great results.

Just remember that weight lifting does not have to be done in a sweaty and smelly gym full of meatheads. It can be done anywhere as long as your muscles are receiving mechanical resistance.

You could use kettle bells, suspension trainers (TRX) or even your body weight as long as you are going full throttle for maximum DOMs and EPOC.

Principle #5: The Best Weight Loss Programs For Women Focus on Calories

Ignore calories and you will fail. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to weigh and measure every single gram of food you eat, but at the very least you need to control portion sizes.

However, if you are just starting out and are significantly overweight simply eating healthy can do the trick. Because when you eat healthy your body naturally craves calories.

But I wouldn’t rely on this strategy for too long…

It’s simply way too easy to out eat the amount of exercise you do – even if you are doing a lot of intense weight lifting.

So how can you manage your caloric intake?

I strongly recommend starting off by using the palms of your hands. Each time you assemble a meal follow these portion size guidelines:

  • Protein – one palm
  • Carbohydrates – one palm
  • Fat – one tablespoon
  • Vegetables – cover half your plate

The last one may seem extreme, but covering half your plate with vegetables is a simple, yet effective strategy for regulating hunger and blood sugar.

Now if after a couple weeks you aren’t losing weight, cut back on portion sizes by 15-25%. And don’t do anything too drastic here because your body will down regulate your metabolic rate if you don’t eat a baseline amount of food.

Principle #6: Lower Blood Sugar Will Accelerate Weight Loss In Women

Eating balanced, portion controlled meals as outlined above will keep your levels of blood sugar stable. But if you want even lower blood sugar for faster results you can implement a more aggressive strategy.

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend this strategy if you are a beginner.

So what strategy will accelerate weight loss for women? Cycling your intake of carbohydrates.

You see, carbohydrates have the biggest impact on your levels of blood sugar, but you can’t cut them out completely because this would burn through your precious calorie-burning muscle.

Ironically, carbohydrates – not protein – protect your lean muscle tissue from being cannibalized by your body for energy.

So the best solution here is to simply cycle your intake of carbohydrates. Here is how you would do it:

  • Day 1: exercise + normal carb intake
  • Day 2: no exercise + lower carb intake
  • Day 3: exercise + normal carb intake
  • Day 4: no exercise + lower carb intake
  • Day 5: exercise + normal carb intake
  • Day 6: no exercise + lower carb intake
  • Day 7: no exercise + lower carb intake

If your levels of energy plummet on the days that you restrict carbs, supplement your diet with caffeine.

Final Thoughts About Weight Loss Programs For Women

Regrettably, there is no single best weight loss program for women.

You see, the best program is one that you modify based upon fat loss principles and your particular lifestyle.

So absorb the information above and take action. Because without action my advice is useless.

And don’t forget to drop me a line below if you get stuck!

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