How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Girls – Get A Sexy Body FAST!

how to lose weight fast for teenage girlsNobody likes to live in a body they aren’t proud to show off. Because not only does this make you feel less sexy, but it makes you feel less wanted.

And I’m pretty sure you want to feel attractive, don’t you?

I know I do.

The good news is that in this guide on how to lose weight fast for teenage girls I am going to show you the right strategy.

A strategy that will allow you to get the sexy body you want and deserve.

What’s Holding You Back?

Estrogen and caloric intake.

These two factors alone will prevent you from getting a skinnier body. So if you want to lose weight fast you have to address both of them.

The good news is that teenage girls have faster metabolisms and recover a lot better from exercise. This means you can get great results in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Control Those Calories

Although there are a lot of different moving parts to this equation, the amount of calories you eat ultimately controls how much weight you can lose.

But this doesn’t mean you can simply stop eating here. This will destroy your metabolism and set you up for a massive weight gain rebound. The type of rebound that will leave you with stretch marks…

So to avoid this from happening to you, eat smaller but extremely frequent meals. In each meal include the following:

  • One palm-full of protein
  • One palm-full of carbs
  • One tablespoon of fat
  • As many vegetables as possible

This will prevent your metabolism from crashing while allowing you to lose weight at a rapid rate.

Now if the weight doesn’t come off fast enough, slowly constrict your intake of carbohydrates while simultaneously increasing your intake of protein.

And if you are going to get really aggressive here, I strongly recommend supplementing with a multivitamin/mineral.

One more thing: make beans and legumes your primary source of carbohydrates for even faster results.

Step 2: Start Doing High Intensity Exercise

Learning how to lose weight fast for teenage girls can be difficult because of all the exercise programs out there. And how are you supposed to figure out which one produces the fastest results?

Well, you don’t have to do anything fancy here. All you need is resistance training done in circuit fashion.

To create a circuit, pick one exercise for each major muscle group. Pick one for your pushing muscles (chest), pulling muscles (back), and one for your lower body muscles (glutes, quads).

Then, do each exercise one after another without rest. Once you have completed the circuit you should rest for a brief period of time.

Here’s the catch: you have to use heavy weights and push yourself hard to get the maximum benefit.

But it’s well worth it because one hour of this training will have you burning extra calories (and losing more weight) for many days after.

No other type of exercise can do this.

I Just Want To Learn How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Girls – Not Become A Power Lifter!

The body of a teenage girl does not have the skeletal structure or testosterone output to gain significant amounts of muscle.

Ironically, not lifting weights will make it extremely hard for you to reach lower body fat percentages healthily.

Because yes, you could simply stop eating and run on a treadmill all day but you would lose muscle and fat. You’d become a skeleton with no sexy curves whatsoever. And this doesn’t look attractive.

You are far better off lifting weights so you can burn a massive amount of calories which will allow you to lose a lot more weight.

Just make sure you control those calories…

Step 3: Add In Some Cardio If You Have Time

If you can commit to more than a couple resistance training sessions per week, adding in some cardio will help.

Just make sure it doesn’t interfere too much with your ability to recover from the intense resistance training.

To stay in the safe zone, I recommend doing a combination of high, medium and low intensity cardio.

Also, don’t just do one type of cardio all the time. You’ll end up adapting to it and you’ll stop burning a lot of calories. So try to switch up the type of cardio you do as frequently as possible.

Step 4: Rotate Your Carbs For Lightening Fast Results

Cutting out carbs completely will make you lose a massive amount of weight, but it’s not sustainable, it’s unhealthy and will lead to weight gain rebound.

So the next best thing here is to simply rotate your carbs.

On the days you are resistance training maintain your carbohydrate intake as outlined above. And on the days you aren’t, only have carbs for breakfast.

If you start to feel sluggish supplement your diet with caffeine. Or, simply drink some green tea, coffee, yerba mate and/or a red bull.

Here is a sample schedule you could potentially follow:

  • Day 1: resistance training
  • Day 2: rest (less carbs)
  • Day 3: resistance training
  • Day 4: rest (less carbs)
  • Day 5: resistance training
  • Day 6: rest (less carbs)
  • Day 7: rest (less carbs)

But why does carbohydrate rotation work so well?

Because it lowers insulin which in turn maximizes weight loss in your body.

Step 5: Don’t Forget About Estrogen

As you gain weight estrogen goes up. As estrogen goes up you gain more weight.

So it’s really important that you control this hormone. Luckily, the strategies I have already outlined above will help lower your levels of estrogen.

Just make sure you do the following:

  • Never go on a low fat diet
  • Use heavy weights and 8-12 repetition sets

As long as you keep the above two in mind you will reduce estrogen in your teenage body.

How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Girls: Final Thoughts

If you have limited experience with exercise and diet I strongly recommend against rotating your carbohydrate intake. This may be overwhelming for a beginner and you can still get excellent results with the other strategies.

Just remember that whatever approach you use, you have to take action.

Because without action you will never be able to lose weight no matter how badly you want to.

Good luck!

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