How To Get Skinny FAST – Get Thin Today!

how to get skinny fastIt seems like learning how to get skinny fast should be easy, doesn’t it?


The problem: there is too much information for you to sift through. And the more time you have to spend analyzing and researching the less time you have for getting skinny.

And let’s face it, being overweight and bulky makes you less sexy.

Even worse, it can make you less sexy in the eyes of your significant other. Even if he doesn’t admit it…

So in this guide I am going to show you how to get skinny fast without all the headache and without all the gimmicks.

The First Step: Understanding What Makes You NOT Skinny

Here is your number one barrier to getting skinny: estrogen.

Yes, this hormone is vital for the female body and plays a critical role when it comes time to have children. It makes you more of a woman.

But it has a nasty side effect: it makes you accumulate body fat.

And this is one of the reasons why so many women fail to get really skinny – they cover all the basics, but ignore hormones.

So in a nutshell, this is what prevents you from getting thin:

  • Too much estrogen
  • A caloric surplus
  • Insulin sensitivity

Now water retention also plays a role here, but reducing estrogen also reduces water retention so I am not listing it here. I’m assuming, however, that you aren’t eating high sodium, processed foods…

The Second Step: Dealing With Estrogen

There are two things you have to do if you want to reduce estrogen and get skinny:

  • Lift weights
  • Eat more healthy fat

As an added bonus, lifting weights will also make it easier for you to enter a caloric deficit – an absolute requirement if you want to burn body fat and get thinner.

But here is the biggest benefit here: a single hour of high intensity weight lifting will make your body burn extra calories for multiple days after the fact.

This makes weight lifting the most efficient way to get thin. And do you really want to spend all day running on that boring treadmill?

Probably not.

But there a million ways to lift weights, which one is best? You have to do a lot of total body circuits with free weights.

Of all the different weight lifting modalities, circuits will allow you to burn more calories and reduce estrogen the most.

So make sure you stay away from all those bodybuilding routines you see in the magazines that promote exercising one muscle per day – this is not the fast way to get skinny.

What about healthy fat, why is it important?

Because your body uses dietary fat to produce testosterone. And higher levels of testosterone will automatically lower estrogen.

Think of these hormones as opposing forces. As one goes up, the other comes down.

Even better, testosterone will burn extra fat and help you recover faster from exercise. And faster recovery translates into more frequent exercise which translates into more calories burned.

It’s a win win situation on all levels.

Wait A Second, I just Want To Learn How To Get Skinny Fast – Not Look Like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Here’s the great paradox: building a little lean muscle will allow you to burn a lot of fat.

And remember that fat occupies a lot more space than muscle.

This is why women who spend all day running on a treadmill never get that ultra skinny look, because they don’t build muscle.

But what if you lost both fat and muscle to get even smaller? You would look absolutely horrible. Without a bare minimum amount of muscle, your curves would vanish.

You would like a skeleton which is not very attractive.

And if you did this for too long there would be other consequences: thin and dried out hair, brittle nails, interrupted menstrual cycles, brittle bones, and the list goes on.

So do not fear lifting weights. As long as you control your caloric intake, you will not get bigger.

Ok, you are convinced about weightlifting and no longer fear turning into a sheman.

How do you assemble effective total body circuits if you want to get skinny fast, really fast?

You are going to pick one exercise for each major group of muscles:

  • Pushing muscles
  • Pulling muscles
  • Lower body muscles

Here is a sample circuit:

  • Pushing muscles: push-ups with resistance bands
  • Pulling muscles: pull-ups
  • Lower body muscles: lunges

To complete the circuit, do each exercise one after the other without any rest in between. Once you complete the sequence of exercises (i.e., the “circuit”) you can rest.

For the best results, try to do about 2-3 total body workouts per week and 3-5 circuits in each workout.

Now remember how I told you that one hour of this training makes you burn so many calories for days after?

Well, this happens because total body circuit training breaks down a lot of muscle tissue (in a good way) and creates a massive oxygen debt.

To reverse both of these (i.e., “homeostasis”), your body has to expend a massive amount of calories.

Why am I mentioning this? Because you have to let your body recover for all this to take place.

Do not attempt to do too much too soon here. Do your one hour of high intensity training and then stop.

If you exercise every single day with circuits, your body will break down and not recover. You’ll end up injuring a tendon or ligament which will sideline you for months.

But you don’t need to exercise so frequently anyways because you will burn extra calories during your rest days.

The Third Step To Get Skinny Fast: The Caloric Surplus And Insulin Sensitivity

This is where most women get confused. Not because the science is hard to understand, but because there is too much misinformation!

Here is the good news… You only have to focus on two things to address both of the above:

  • Portion sizes
  • Meal balance

Controlling portion sizes will put you in a caloric deficit. And having meal balance will increase insulin sensitivity.

Being more insulin sensitive allows your body to process food with lower levels of insulin. Lower levels of insulin, in turn, drastically increase fat loss.

To control portion sizes, simply use your hands. Every time you eat, have one palm-sized serving of carbs, one palm-sized serving of protein, one tablespoon-sized serving of fat and as many vegetables as your palate will tolerate.

And to implement meal balance simply assemble each meal with the aforementioned food groups.

If you want even lower levels of insulin, though, stay away from whole grains. Instead, make beans and legumes your primary sources of carbohydrates. Because they have so much “resistant starch” they are the slowest digesting carbs you can put in your mouth.

And digestion rates affect insulin production.

This is yet another reason why so many women fail go get super skinny, they assume whole grains are great for weight loss.

Going Militant

Endless studies have shown that keeping a record of what you eat increases adherence and leads to greater weight loss.

Now I hate keeping written records of anything, maybe you do too.

But if portion control and accountability has been an issue for you in the past, it may be worth it to maintain a food journal.

Also, if you are a beginner here there are benefits. You see, by keeping a journal you obtain a benchmark from which you can increase or decrease portion sizes depending on your results.

If you are not losing weight or getting skinnier, decrease portion sizes.

But if you always feel tired and sluggish, increase portion sizes.

The Fourth Step: Running On That Treadmill All Day

Although cardio is not the most efficient or effective way to burn calories, it can help you get skinny faster.

But it’s a double-edged sword, so you have to be careful.

If you do too much it will interfere with your extra caloric burn from circuit training. And this is not acceptable.

Recall that circuit training requires extensive recovery – cardio can interfere with this.

So the key here is to make sure you do a combination of low and high intensity cardio depending on how you feel.

Because of this, there is no number set in stone. You have to listen to your body.

Having said that, here are some general guidelines to get you going in the right direction:

  • Never do cardio in place of circuit training.
  • Keep all sessions to 40 minutes or less.
  • Never do a cardio session immediately before a circuit training session.
  • It’s ok to do a cardio session immediately after a circuit training session.
  • Never do cardio right after waking up, wait at least one hour.
  • Do a wide variety of cardio modalities that distribute stress evenly, don’t just stick with a treadmill.
  • Never train on an empty and hungry stomach.

How To Get Skinny And Thin Even Faster

Maybe you have a reunion coming up tomorrow. Or, maybe you have a wedding coming up.

But there is one problem: you needed results yesterday.

Well, I have good news. There is a way to further increase insulin sensitivity with minimal side effects.

By rotating your carbohydrate intake.

It’s very simple. On the days that you are circuit training maintain your regular carbohydrate intake. And on the days that you aren’t training, slash your intake by 50%.

Now some women will be able to slash their carbs even more, others won’t. You need to experiment here to find your sweet spot. Each body will react differently.

The cool thing about rotating carbs this way is that it doesn’t make you go into ketosis. A miserable state in which your body runs off of alternative fuel, ketones.

Now if you want to get really aggressive with carbohydrate rotation, but don’t want to turn into a zombie simply supplement your diet with caffeine.

You can have it in tablet form or in liquid form (i.e., coffee, green tea, yerba mate, no-carb energy drinks).

Only supplement on the days you are going low carb, though. Otherwise, you will become desensitized to the effects of caffeine.

Save it for when you need it most.

Parting Advice

Learning how to get skinny fast is not difficult, but there is one critical requirement:

You have to take massive action.

Simply analyzing and ruminating about this information will lead you nowhere!

So if you want to get skinny and thin quickly, act on this information.

There is a limited amount of information you can internalize via research. You will learn much more by doing and course correcting along the way.

To your skinny success!

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